Stereo Mix

Record audio using the “Stereo Mix” input

Windows 10 recording

Abyssmedia has updated their wonderful product streaming audio recorder. Now it is fully compatible with Windows 10. If someone else does not know - this product works right out of the box, does not install virtual drivers and other garbage. No matter what sound card you have installed - what you hear is what will be recorded.

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Windows 8 recording

Windows 8 came out for quite some time, so the more people ask me about the changes in the sound subsystem. In fact, everything is very simple – Windows 8 is no different from Windows 7 in terms of sound recording. You still can use the wonderful sound recorder from Abyssmedia.

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Microsoft has made a generous gift to fans of the audio recording by implementing “Stereo Mix” feature in the system. Now we do not have the headache of searching for fixed drivers for sound cardsIs all well? In fact, no.

The new audio interface does not allow to capture DRM-protected audio streamsWe are against piracy, but we should be able to make a legal copy of purchased audio track.

Another disadvantage: new audio API provides low-latency output in exclusive mode, but recording will be disabled. Recording allowed only in shared mode.

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I have got a great news from Abyssmedia today – they released new version of famous i-Sound recorder for Windows 7. This version work only with Window 7 and Windows Vista and not required “Stereo Mix” feature to record streaming audio.

It’s worked! By default, i-Sound get audio directly from Speakers with excellent quality. No virtual audio drivers installed. No system hooks used. Only new audio features of Windows Vista.

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VIA VT3310 UAA Driver

I’m noticed that audio driver for VIA VT3310 High Definition Audio Codec not available from official VIA site. Why? Actually, VT3310 (UAA) is the VIA VT1708 HD Audio Codec. Not sure why it is reporting this uncommon device name, but you can download and install audio driver for VT1708.

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The ‘Stereo Mix” input of sound card allows you to record all what you hear. Here is a list of possible applications:

  • Record your voice with background music. Sound card will mix voice and music together.
  • Record both sides of Skype conversations.
  • Record DRM-protected music to standard MP3 files. This is a main reason why “Stereo Mix” disabled in latest audio drivers.
  • Record MIDI files to WAV or MP3. In fact, this trick was popular few years ago. Now you can convert MIDI to MP3 directly using MIDI Rendering software. 
  • Record sound tracks from popular games

Any more suggestions?

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