“Stereo Mix” no longer required?

I have got a great news from Abyssmedia today – they released new version of famous i-Sound recorder for Windows 7. This version work only with Window 7 and Windows Vista and not required “Stereo Mix” feature to record streaming audio. It’s worked! By default, i-Sound get audio directly from Speakers with excellent quality. No …

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No Stereo Mix for Conexant HD Audio

Just a short comment from Microsoft about “Stereo Mix” for Conexant High Definition Smart Audio under Windows Vista. As we know the Conexant High Definition Smart Audio is built in sound chipset so that it’s hardware capability is very limited. On the other hand, its manufacturer, Conexant, also does not plan to built powerful driver …

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No Stereo Mix for Sony laptops

Latest response from Sony states that “Stereo Mix” on Vaio will not be enabled.    You are correct to assume that it has been disabled in Vista to prevent the possibility that people may use it to illegally record sound. It is not just Sony that have had to do it, but all manufacturers.     We are sorry that it affects users who are trying to use it for honest purposes like yourself, but we are bounded by law the same as other makes.     I can not predict that there will ever be a change in the policy. We are aware tough that there are 3rd party software/methods of getting around this issue, however we cannot advise or recommending using them.      Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to update your case. If you would prefer an e-Support agent to contact you by telephone, please update your case with your preferred contact number & a suitable time frame between the hours of 8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.    Regards,    Harry  Sony Vaio-Link Team

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Enabling Stereo Mix with SoundMAX drivers.

Matt posted detailed instructions for ADI 1986 audio codec and Windows XP.  Well, Analog Devices never published reference drivers for SoundMAX audio codecs, so we should use drivers from motherboard’s manufacturers. As I know, audio drivers from ASUS doesn’t support the “Stereo Mix” input, but audio drivers from Intel did the trick. Anyway, solution from Matt …

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Sigmatel and Windows XP

This Audio Driver enable the “Stereo Mix” input for our Dell Dimension 9100 with Windows XP SP3: 5.10.5208_XP32_XP64_MCE_2K_STACGUI.EXE. Download page:http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df-external/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=N&ProductID=2068&DwnldID=8658 I think this driver will work for other notebooks with same audio chip. The Device ID may be obtained from: Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Sounds, video and game controllers Your Sigmatel …

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Enabling Stereo Mix for Realtek ALC885

Under Windows Vista  installed driver always was the original Microsoft driver and doesn’t support the “Stereo Mix” input.  To install Realtek driver: Download the newest driver from Realtek Unzip it in a directory Go again int the driver tab of the propreties, of your sound card. Chose to update the driver. Show to Windows the path …

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