Intel Smart Sound Technology and Windows 11

Windows 10 users with sound drivers from Intel encountered compatibility issues after upgrading to Windows 11. Until Intel prepares an update, you can use a workaround with drivers from Realtek. For some unknown reason, Realtek has not posted the drivers on their site, so you have to look at the site of the manufacturer of …

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“Stereo Mix” no longer required?

I have got a great news from Abyssmedia today – they released new version of famous i-Sound recorder for Windows 7. This version work only with Window 7 and Windows Vista and not required “Stereo Mix” feature to record streaming audio. It’s worked! By default, i-Sound get audio directly from Speakers with excellent quality. No …

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Why do i need the “Stereo Mix” feature?

The ‘Stereo Mix” input of sound card allows you to record all what you hear. Here is a list of possible applications: Record your voice with background music. Sound card will mix voice and music together. Record both sides of Skype conversations. Record DRM-protected music to standard MP3 files. This is a main reason why “Stereo …

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Another driver for Sigmatel

If you already tested audio drivers from LG and Dell, but still not have Stereo Mix under Windows Vista you can try this driver from Intel: According my subscribers this driver work perfect on DELL Inspiron 1525, Dell Lattitude D531 and  Dell XPS M1530.

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